irsend - controlling all infrared devices from Max or Live

irsend is a Max/MSP extension to send IR codes from Max or Max4Live. You need the WinLIRC-Package and a IR(transmitter) hardware. I recommend the IR-Toy from “Dangerous Prototypes”, but I think every transmitter, that is supported by WinLIRC, will do it too. WinLIRC has to run in background, so that irsend can use it.

The irsend extension was not a lot of  work, i just copy&paste the code of transmit.exe in a C-Max extension.

IR-Bulb-Remote.amxd ist a Max4Live example device of an Max4Live instrument that play colors of a LED bulb instead of sound. The name of your remote.cfg and the code-Names have to be adapted.

see download section for download