The SIDBlaster TicTac comprises premium “open-source“ hardware for using a genuine „SID“-sound chip for C64 emulation, playback of SID tunes and music production as a little box on the USB port of a personal computer.

1. Hardware

SIDBlaster TicTac is based upon “SIDBlaster-USB“, and is 100% compatible with it.

The following improvements were made:

5. Software

5.1 hardsid.dll

Is the “driver” of the SIDBlaster, so to say. It comprises a reprogrammed DLL of the Hardsid, thus, software programmed for the Hardsid becomes compatible for the SIDBlaster. The source code is available on request.

5.2 Vice64

The famous C64 emulator supports up to 3 SIDBlasters. In the simplest case, you now have a C64 with original sound. But you can also use the SIDBlaster with Vice64 as a MIDI expander, by activating the MIDI emulation, and load a synthesizer program like Station64.

5.3 Acid64

Best SIDBlaster support, if you have several devices you can even play stereo and 3SID tunes.

5.4 SidPlay2

Good SID player; suitable as a jukebox because of playlists

5.5 Goatracker

Tracker. Support still not perfect


A Max/MSP-extension to make a SID synthesizer available in Max/MSP or Max4Live. A VST is also available.

5.7 Cloando‘s C64 Forever

Also compatible. Just copy the hardsid.dll in the file of Vice. Then, enter"-sidenginemodel hardsid" in the option „custom parameters“.

5.8 JSIDPlay2 4.0

Full SIDBlaster support.

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