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Sidblaster-USB TicTac Rev. 1.2 released


The Sidblaster-USB TicTac Rev. 1.2 is available.

All Files at GitHub uploaded.

SIDBlaster-USB TicTac Edition at GitHub


  • - Red TX / RX LED
  • - New experimental jumper to connect ground with USB shield
  • - Recesses for Tic Tac box

A small improvement in the firmware: With a future version of hardsid.dll it will be possible to read from the sidblaster USB. However, with an additional (asynchronous) method. For example, reading Syncrones in Vice will never be possible.


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AIASS-Mono a VST & Max4Live-device for Sidblaster-USB


I made a VST for the Sidblaster-USB:

You can download it here (Windows):

see download-section for download

I also built a SID object for Max / MSP, and made a variant for Max4Live (Ableton Live).

Download (Device, SID-object and Demo Max-Patches) (Windows):

see download-section for download


It is all free and open source (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE)

source codes are availabe on request.

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SIDBlaster-USB TicTac Edition



... is a new design of the original Sidblaster-USB from 2007.

Infos at GitHub and Archive.org:

SIDBlaster-USB TicTac Edition at GitHub

Original SIDBlaster-USB at Archive.org


Improvements (to the original Sidblaster-USB):

  • cheap power supply 9V/12V switchable
  • original C64 audio output circuit (with Audio-In-Jack)
  • switchable filter capacitors
  • optional connection for paddles
  • professional Audio-Jacks
  • suitable for a empty Tic Tac® box.
  • cuddly blue Power-LED


Presentation at "Lange Nacht der Computerspiele 2017" 29.4.2017 in Leipzig/Germany


This is a quick information, eagle-files, partlist and hints for building following soon or can found at GitHub.


The project is open source and free (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE)

Source codes are available on request or on GitHub.


If you wanna support me, request on a pcb or a building set at me.

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USBee AX BNC Adapter


Ich habe für mein USBee AX einen kleinen BNC-Adapter gemacht, da so ein Adapter nicht zu bekommen war.

I have made for my USBee AX a small BNC adapter, since such an adapter was not to get.


Ich habe noch PCB's übrig, wenn Sie Interesse an einer Platine haben, senden sie mir eine eMAil.

I still have PCB's left, if you are interest on a board, send me an eMAil.

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irsend - Controling all Infrared-Devices from Max or Live


irsend 1.0 released!

irsend is a Max-Extension to send IR-Codes from Max or Max4Live.

You need the WinLIRC-Package and a IR-(Transmitter)-Hardware.

I recommend the IR-Toy from “Dangerous Prototypes”, but I think every Transmitter, that is supported by WinLIRC, will do it too.

WinLIRC has to run in background, so that irsend can use it.

The irsend-extension was not a lot of  work, i just copy&paste the code of Transmit.exe in
a C-Max-extension.

IR-Bulb-Remote.amxd ist a Max4Live Example-Device of an Max4Live-Instrument that play
Colors of a LED-Bulb instead of Sound. The Name of your Remote-.cfg and the Code-Names have to
be adapted.

Attention! since Version 0.9.1 it works fine with 32Bit versions of max and live.

Download now (Windows):

see download-section for download

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