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SIDBlaster USB TicTac-Edition PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 30 April 2017 05:51

... is a new design of the original Sidblaster from 2007.

infos at git hub and

SIDBlaster Tic Tac at GitHub

Original SIDBlaster at


Improvements (to the original Sidblaster):

  • cheap power supply 9V/12V switchable
  • original C64 audio output circuit (with Audio-In-Jack)
  • switchable filter capacitors
  • optional connection for paddles
  • professional Audio-Jacks
  • suitable for a TicTac box.
  • cuddly blue Power-LED


Presentation at "Lange Nacht der Computerspiele 2017" 29.4.2017 in Leipzig/Germany


This is a quick information, eagle-files, partlist and hints for building following soon or can found at GitHub.


If you wanna support me, order a pcb or a building set at me.


write me an eMail.





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USBee AX BNC Adapter PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 23 April 2017 12:43

Ich habe für mein USBee AX einen kleinen BNC-Adapter gemacht, da so ein Adapter nicht zu bekommen war.

I have made for my USBee AX a small BNC adapter, since such an adapter was not to get.


Ich habe noch PCB's übrig, wenn Sie Interesse an einer Platine haben, senden sie mir eine eMAil.

I still have PCB's left, if you are interest on a board, send me an eMAil.

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irsend - Controling all Infrared-Devices from Max or Live PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 25 October 2016 00:00

irsend 1.0 released!

irsend is a Max-Extension to send IR-Codes from Max or Max4Live.

You need the WinLIRC-Package and a IR-(Transmitter)-Hardware.

I recommend the IR-Toy from “Dangerous Prototypes”, but I think every Transmitter, that is supported by WinLIRC, will do it too.

WinLIRC has to run in background, so that irsend can use it.

The irsend-extension was not a lot of  work, i just copy&paste the code of Transmit.exe in
a C-Max-extension.

IR-Bulb-Remote.amxd ist a Max4Live Example-Device of an Max4Live-Instrument that play
Colors of a LED-Bulb instead of Sound. The Name of your Remote-.cfg and the Code-Names have to
be adapted.

Attention! since Version 0.9.1 it works fine with 32Bit versions of max and live.

Download now:

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