AIASS VST & AIASS for Max4Live - plugins for Sidblaster-USB

I made a VST for the Sidblaster-USB:


I also built a SID object for Max / MSP, and made a variant for Max4Live (Ableton Live).

From version v.0.6 the AIASS for Max4Live consists of a set of different devices. Not only the Mono Synth, but also a poly variant and so-called "flow" devices that expand the polyphony of several SIDBlasters through overflow.


The AIASS for Max4Live is made by SID-object external, so you easyly can patch your own SID-Synth!


It is all free and open source (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE)


AIASS for Max4Live on GitHub

sid-object on GitHub



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A compressed ZIP file AIASS-MONO-VST-0.1 16.87 MB 2020-06-27 11:31:16
A compressed ZIP file AIASS-for-MAX4LIVE-0.6.0 2.14 MB 2020-08-15 08:23:26
A compressed ZIP file sid-object-1.0 598.24 KB 2020-08-15 08:25:58